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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 11, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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at nation remembers the september 11th terror attacks, we have the results of a brand new cbs poll on how safe americans feel today. it's the shout heard round the country as the congressman who yelled you lie at president obama stirs up his party an defends himself. >> i will tell you this that it was spontaneous. >> we'll speak with representative squoe wilson's son about his father's controversial marks. just days before her wedding, a yale university student disappears without a trace. >> we're just operation that she's operationing that she's going to pop up somewhere and everything's okay. >> we'll have the latest on the desperate search for the bride to be. and breaking health news this morning on the h1n1 vaccine. "early" this friday, september 11th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs
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it is raining over manhattan today as we mark a solemn anniversary. eight years ago today, eight years ago this morning, terrorists took 3,000 lives p. of course all eyes on ground zero and at the various points around the country where they struck that fateful day and we should all take some time this morning to think about what this day will be like for those families as many of them get ready to come back to the site today. >> that's a live picture this morning from ground zero. vice president biden will be there later on today. colin powell will be out in shanksville, pennsylvania, and president obama will visit the pentagon. there will be four moments of silence at ground zero this morning, one each for when the planes hit the respective towers and then one each when the towers went town. very you powerful piece in the
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new york daily news written by president obama in which he says every year on this had day we are all new yorkers. and he goes on to say, on this day and every day, it is incumbent on each of us to uphold those eye deals that our enemies were and are so eager to destroy. we want to go live now to ground zero and cbs news correspondent chris wragge who has more on what's going on down today. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are here adjacent to ground zero. you can see ground zero in the back ground. this is the spot where the victims' names will be read later this morning. the forecast here in lower manhattan symbolic of the mood here in lower manhattan on this somber anniversary of a day no one will forget. eight years after that awful day, people across the country will pause today to remember those lost on september 11th 2001. from massachusetts to ohio to
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utah thousands of flags are being planted in remember bransz. this is first year nim will also be observed as a national day of service. >> random acts of service is probably the biggest thing we can do to show whoever wanted to destroy us that they can't. >> reporter: at the pentagon the presidented will meet with the family members of the 184 who died there. near shanksville, pennsylvania, former secretary of state colin powell will remember the heros of flight 93. at ground zero vice president biden will join family members and firefighters who will read the nameses of the more than 2600 people lost there. two moments of silence will mark the exact time the planes hit the twin towers and then two more to mark the time each building collapsed. at dusk a a tribute in light will shine two beams into the night sky. eight years later, are we any safer from another attack? a new cbs news poll shows a quarter of americans think the obama administration's policies
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have made us safer from terrorism, but nearly as many think the country is less safe. and here in lower manhattan, although this is a very active construction site which we showed you you yesterday, we were advised family members will be escorted to what will be the plaza level of the 9/11 memorial. there is a spot set fun families to take a few moments to reflect. harry? >> chris wragge downtown with us this morning, thanks. a new poll today shows president obama got a positive bump from his health care speech two nights ago. according to a cbs news poll 52% now approve of how the president is handling health care. last week that number was about 40%. joining us now from washington is cbs news political analyst john dickerson. good good morning. >> good morning. >> it's very interesting. you get poll numbers and it's nice to get a a positive bump but the real story is how did this play on capitol hill. and what were the voiceses sounding like yesterday around
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the capitol? >> the voices were sounding very much like they sounded before he gave the speech and in fact some of the details the president laid out only added more questions for the long list of questions members of congress have. he still has a tough road ahead of him. his numbers are approved on the approval que rating, you but even out in the public, there are a hot of poll only 20% said there was something in the health reform no them, which mean as lot of people don't think it will affect them and that will bleed back into what the members of congress are hearing from their constituents. >> the beg hot button issue continues to be this public option. we ran a focus group the night of the speech and people had dials in their hands and when it went negative, they turned it to the right. and when the word public option came up, it went off the charts. is there any chance that this lives in the continuing negotiations about health care? >> it may live in the house. in fact the president is
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getting a lot of flack from liberal democrats who say there must be a public option and so the house version of this bill may include a public option. of course in the senate moderate democrats are saying no public option at all. they're more concerned with cost. so the president has many different constituencies he has to mole guy here. so what will end up has goning, the real question will come which bill wins out. >> john dickerson live in washington. we do appreciate it. thanks so much. now here's maggie. there's more fallout surrounding south carolina representative gentlemen wilson who shouted "you lie" during the president's tuesday night address. he's apologizing with you many on the right are rallying around him. here's cbs news koerpt nancy cordes with the latest. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: made g. morning. that's right this two word outburst was threatening to overshadow the president obama's entire address. wilson said he's sorry, but now he says he thinks there's a double standard going on because he's not the first person to
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criticize a president. >> you lie! >> reporter: congressman joe wilson's outbhurs during the president's health care speech wednesday night was followed by a quick apology. >> my statements were inappropriate. >> reporter: but in a new interview, wilg son says he's been treated unfair tearily, that democrats didn't get criticized as heavily when they made disparaging remarks about president wush. >> i believe they do have a double standard. >> reporter: both sides have capitalized on controversy. wilson's democratic opponent, rob miller has raised hundreds of thousands of dollar, while t-shirts and bumper stickers supporting wilson have sprung up, too, this his home district in south carolina, the reaction was just usa polarized. >> i thought it was being that he stood up for what he believed in. why i thought it was re rude and very disrespectful.
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>> reporter: democrats as well as republicans would love to just move on from this. democrats, because they feel it's drawing attention away from the president's health care message, and republicans because they want to be defined by their message of opposition and not by bad behavior. maggie? >> nancy cordes thanks. congressman wilson's son, alan, who is running for attorney general of south carolina, joins us from mount pleasant. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. >> you're very welcome. last night your father said quote, do i apologize for speaking out, but what the president said was not accurate. is so your father sorry for what he said or just where he said it. >> >> first of all maggie let me say i'm very proud of my father. he apologized and i'm glad that he did. but what he said was absolutely true. and i'm proud of him for having the courage to tell the truth. >> so then rather than apologize, did he consider embracing this and saying you know what, i'm tired of the political correctness and the phoniness, people should just be
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able to say what they really feel? >> well, maggie first i want to say this, we should look at the facts. the comments that triggered my father's remark was when the president said that tax funds would not go to insuring illegal aliens. and if you look at the facts, several weeks ago, democrats in congress twice voted down amendments that would require citizenship verification. the congressional research service confirmed that illegal imgrabtss under this bill could easily be insured under president obama's health care bill. and that's what frustrated dad. >> they would be allowed to apply, but they would be barred from the subsidies. >> maggie, i'm running for state attorney general and i've been in law enforcement for years. and as a prosecutor in law enforcement, and by the way, law enforcement means you have to be able to enforce the law. as a prosecutor in law enforcement, if there's no mechanism to enforce the law, then the law is hole le and empty and it's no good. and that's what frustrated my dad. there is absolutely no way to
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enforce the law if there's no requirement to verify your citizenship. >> so should he have a apologized if you're suppo others are, as well, why the apology? >> like i said, i refer back to dad's original remarks when he apologized it to the president, which i'm glad that he did and i'm glad the president accepted it. he apologized for the timing of the remarks. but the substance of the remarks are still substantively true. >> your father's democratic rival, rob miller, has seen a huge influx of campaign donations since your father's remark. is your father worried that it could cost him his seat, and if so, would it have been worth it? >> my dad's been in public service for 25 years and everyone some his district knows that he's passion that the about national defense and limited government, lower taxes. and he's passionate about health care reform and he's passionate about being truthful with the american people. and so i think that's going to resonate very well with the
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people of the second congressional district as well as the people of south carolina. and like i said maggie, the debate should not be about his remarks in congress. the apology's been made and accepted. the debate should be in the american people and the people listening to my voice right now should ask the question why did the democrats vote down the amendment to enforce that clause the amendment that would require citizenship verification. why if it's a harmless amendment, why vote it down? and that's where the focus should be about sglp and now if you can finally just give me a yes or no have we seen the final apology on this from your father? he's not going to apologize on the house floor? >> my dad you issued an apology. he called the white house. he apologized to ram emanual. and the president i understand has accepted that apology. he apologized one time. he's reiterated that poll guy gi there that first time. and i think everyone understands that he was basically voicing the frustration of the american people. i want people to they that my dad is a very's served man who had raised four eeg scouts and
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four sons ins military and he's very pay the friday on the tick and this is an anner race. he's very passionate about health care reform but's also very passion that the about truthfully bringing health care reform to the american people in an honest and open way. >> all right, alan wilson, we have to leave will. thanks a lot. >> thank you, maggie. have a great day. now let's check in with russ mitchell at the news desk. good morning. in space this morning, the shuttle "discovery" astronauts are hoping for a break in the weather on earth. "discovery" was due to return home yesterday from its police to the space station, but storms near the kennedy space center forced a delay. it appears this morning that 18-year-old caster semenya may be something more or less than a woman. cbs news koernts mark phillips has more on that. >> reporter: in south africa caster semenya has been celebrated as a world leader. her no contest victory at the world championships last month was the result of simply running faster they say not the result
7:13 am
of gender advantage. but while caster has joined the pan these on of south african icons, unconfirmed reports claim that a gender test has been inconclusive, that she may have a rare inter-gender condition including some internal male organs. that might explain semenya's deep voice and masculine build. the international athletics federation says it's still studying the results of the test and won't make an announcement until late november. mark phillips, cbs news london. it is now 7:13 on this friday morning. lonnie quinn is here for dave price with our first look at th###e weather. we are not getting a good day here at new york city. a tough one out there and it's all because of this low pressure system that's centered now and it's affecting most of the northeast. what's going to happen there will be vonk winds out there, about 45 miles an hour from atlantic city to new york city. that will be the worth of it. lots of heavy rain at times and it will have a little bit of a
7:14 am
break and then it comes back in at times. seas will also be rough and that's one area. the other area where we could potentially severe weather from the northern plains some to the central plains we're talking about warm air mixing with cool air, that typical scenario where you will be triggering at times ñ for that storm in new york city it's a slow mover. looks like the good weather will arrive by sunday.
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harry, over to you. i picked up on this lx? >> lx. that's l to the q. >> so i'm almost a math equation. >> yes, very complicated. still to come welcome news about h1n1 and the race for a vab seen. we'll tell you why you may only need one shot this flu season. >>. >> are you looking for a job? scam artists are looking for you on you. we'll tell you what you should look out for later on "the early show."
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v8. what's your number? this morning this today's flu watch, breaking news on the vaccine front. there's been a major break through which could mean that you'll only need one flu shot
7:19 am
this fall. that's one h1n1 shot. joining us is dr. travis stork host of the doctors oig. >> thanks for having me. >> i just washed them, you're okay p. >> so i'm in the car and all of a sudden i hear this headline, only one h1n1 shot this fall instead of two. for the last couple of months it's going to be two. why only one shot some. >> because the research has been very promising. it's shown that after one shot, the immediate response is robust. and that's in had adults. it's effective within eight to ten days, which is a good thing. and i think there was a lot of people would have to get a booster. they don't need to. again, it's not the regular seasonal flu shot, just the h1n1. >> we have to clarify because we've been going on that again, too, because the regular flu shot is available now that you would get normally, correct?
7:20 am
>> that's correct. >> and so you could go ahead and get your flu shot if you're a flu shot person. we're still waiting for the h1n1 vaccine. when is that available? >> so h1n1 mid october most likely. and the seasonal flu vaccine, it'straditionally want to get the traditional, go get it now. this is what's important. do regular seasonal flu in many cases has worst symptoms than the swine flu. they get better. and this year it could be a particularly bad regular flu season on top of the swine flu. >> so the most important thing to keep in mind, i don't usually get a flu shot anyway but should i get a flu shot or who are the people absolutely should get the h 1 m 1 vaccine? is. >> well, pregnant women at the top of the list because pregnant women are at most risk for complications.
7:21 am
young children for certain. someone like me i'm a health care worker i work in the e.r. i can spread it so i should get the shot to prevent being a vector. and if you have underlying health problem, underlying lung problem, it's really important to get the vaccine because we're trying to prevent complications. >> that's what it's all about and especially pregnant women because their immune sooms are compromised. we'll talk more with in you about a laugh hour. stick around. coming up the frantic search if a missing yale university student who vanished just days before her wedding when we come back. . >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by walmart. save money, live better, walmart. (mom) he needed everything for college: towels, sheets and then there was the stuff he wanted... like a new microwave. and because of walmart's unbeatable prices, we were able to get it all. ...and then some.
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ter. here's traffic. good morning everyone, we are looking at plenty of problems on' the area roadways this morning including the accident. there's an accident on the right shoulder and another at providence road. a back up on 83 northbound, a vehicle on the shoulder there. watch for an accident there. plenty of delays out there. there's a look at 32 and you are looking at a 25 minute delay on 95. this traffic report is brought to you by the maryland department of agriculture. eat local and take the challenge. back to you guys. >> thank you, mayty is in the first morning weather center. thank you, we are seeing a ton of moisture raching through the metro. yep, that low offshore finally got its about together starting
7:26 am
with the breezes yesterday. we are not done with the rain. um, mostly cloudy. the rain will slowly taper off throughout the day, but not end the day. 60 is the low. tomorrow, starting a five day run of great weather. sunshine and 76, don? >> thank you. two acre workers are fired after a video makes its way to the internet. here's more with the story. >> reporter: and don, that video showed the two acorn workers giving advise to a man posing as a pimp and to a woman works as a prostitute. they are telling her to list her occupation as an artist. acorn says that their employs
7:27 am
did nothing illegal, but violated the acorn policies, that's why they were fired. >> this will be a day for national service. the governor will include habitat for humidity. they just kicked off a project to build nine houses in nine days. some gad news for people trying to sell their homes in a area. the sales have increased 17% since last may, but the sales are down 17% from what it was a year ago. stay with us, coming up, a quail student disa peered just -- disappeared just days before she was to be wed of. and and job scams this time of the year, experts are saying that some are cash inning on
7:28 am
your mis-fortunates and your hopes.
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special cultures... plus the delicious taste of yoplait. a rainy day here in new york city. as we welcome you back to "the early show." some intrepid folks out there. >> and we will join them outside in just a little bit. >> with so many people looking for work scam artists are trying to cash in. we'll tell you what you need to be aware of as you go out into the job market. also ahead, if you're feeling understand the weather and think maybe you were exposed to h1n1 should you go to the hospital? should you go to the e.r.? we'll get some advice from dr. travis stork of the there"the doctors"," but first the fwi has joined the search for a yale university grad student who has been missing since tuesday. kelly wallace is in new haven
7:31 am
connecticut with the latest. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning. a spokesperson with yale university says there is no evidence of foul play at this time. annie lee disappeared from the building behind me, her family, friends and her fiance are holding out hope the mystery will be solved and their sunday we hadsing which still has not been officially canceled can ultimately go on. on her facebook page sunday 24-year-old annie le wrote less than one week until the big day, but two days later the student vanished. fbi agents used dogs to search the building where she went missing tuesday morning. >> we're just praying that she's going to pop up somewhere and everything's okay. we're not going to look at the worst here. >> reporter: the last sighting of l event was at 10:00 a.m. tuesday after she walked a few blocks from one office lab to another. surveillance video captured her entering the building.
7:32 am
that building was evacuated after an unexpected fire drill at 1:00 p.m. there is no evidence le actually left. her purse and cell phone were found back in her office lab. >> we're all kind of at edge walking around because we don't know what happened. so we would just like to hear what happened and know that we're safe. all right le eeflt fiance a ph.d. at columbia, a didn't return e-mails but is reportedly in new haven helping with the search. two of his lab partners at columbia tell the early show le visited him as recently as friday night and that the two seemed very excited about the wedding. his roommate tells the moork post that the minutes he learned le was missing, he was on a train to new haven, that he was very distraught and worried the timing is terribly cruel the roommate said. maggie? >> skelly wallace, thank you. joining us from washington this morning criminal profiler pat brown. pat, good morning. >> good morning.
7:33 am
>> as we heard, authority dogs thought suspect foul play but in your experience the fact that this happened so close to the wedding, is that a coincidence or is it possible that somebody here got kldcold feet or and did something about it? >> that's good question and evening it's interesting that they're saying they don't suspect foul play at all. i don't know where they would get that from. one of two things would have happened. one is she staged a disappearance like we had with jennifer will banks because she wanted out or she wanted attention. and just vanished. and in that case we should see some behaviors in her past that show she has that kind of personality, but if she doesn't have that attention seeking personality at all, then we would have to suspect foul play because what else would it be there? >> so will police look at her ex-boyfriend no matter what? is that who you go to right off the bat in in kind of investigation? i'm sorry, her fiance.
7:34 am
>> we have to look at everything including it there's an ex-boyfriend even a talker type that liked her and was angered that she was getting married. they'll have to look at her behavior be sure the boyfriend or the fiance does he have an ally by does he have any odd behavior, anybody else in her life, anybody she worked with who had something going on strange with her. and then they'll look at the behaviors of that day. why would she leave her purse there, is that something she normally did does she normally go to the lab with just her i.d. in her hand. what happened with that alarm. could she have pulled it and rushed out with the crowd? these are all things police have to look at and start eliminating one theory after the other. >> 9 fbi searched her apartment yesterday. what sort of thing will they be looking for, what kind of evidence do they immediate to solve this pat? >> i think they're probably looking at the apartment to see if there is any evidence that she has some behaviors that would indicate that this was not an abduction of any sort that
7:35 am
she had something going on in her personal life that wanted to make her disappear, that maybe she left her purse, but yet she had some other money that she could have taken with her, and then disappeared with that. any kind of things on on her computer or anything left around her apartment that was suspicious. they're looking a at those behaviors. if if she hasn't been abducted you don't want to waste a whole lot of money. >> and time which is of the essence. pat brown, thank you so much for your expertise. >> thanks. and of course we'll stay on on top of it this story. but first let's check back in with lonnie quinn. good morning. good morning. there are an awful lot of outdoor memorials is, some of the worst weather will be at underzero in new york city. from atlantic city to new york city heavy town pour, rough seas wind gusts around 45 miles an hour. there's another area of the country that could have some
7:36 am
potential tough weather, as well, and that's around the midwest. we are watching a a cold front push through as the clash of warm air and cold air so nrn plains to central plain, again a chance for wet weather there but then you look around say louisiana into texas, again i see some strong storms popping up but the difference is that rain is needed and believe it or not, we can avoid some flash flooding in our area, we finally have the toughwet we have been concerned about all week. here is the first warning, doppler weather radar. that low offshore that had been benignly sitting there is taking it up and it's playing like a raven, it's going up to a new level. delaware through noon is under a tornado watch. look at and you have nice morning. that's the latest weather.
7:37 am
harry, over to you. coming up, job scams. about if you're looking for work you are a potential victim. you won't want to miss this important report when we come back. ♪♪ crunch time, wheat thins. you and your tasty whole grain. this can only end one way. (crunch) wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. have at it. [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet jet cleans so deep you'll love it. your old mop will just have to get over it... [ engine rattles ] [ man ] love stinks! ♪ love stinks! ♪ ♪ yeah! yeah! ♪ [ female announcer ] new swiffer wet jet is redesigned. it cleans deep in corners. its solution penetrates layers of dirt and its absorbent pad locks it away
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the recession has left thousands of americans looking for work, and one hot spot for employment is the government. but some jb seekers are being ripped off as they try on to get hired by uncle sam. consumer correspondent susan koeppen is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. yes, the go. is hiring. that is definitely true. but if you're looking for a government job and someone tries to charge you a fee to get information, you may be the victim of a scam. >> we're aware that looking for a job is a job you don't get paid for. >> reporter: if you're looking for a job in this shaky economy career forecasters say the federal government is a good bet. look online or in any local paper, and there are plenty of companies willing to help you secure a job with uncle sam. but at a price. >> i was looking for a job with the government just because of the job security the great benefits the lasting career.
7:41 am
>> reporter: bret answered an ad for a job with the u.s. postal service. >> they say, well, we really want to get in you it to the post office we're hiring right now, here's what we're going to need do. we have training packets we need to sent to you, everyones that to use them. this is what you need to pay. and we need some bank information from you. i even asked specifically is this a scam. no we work directly with the post office was their answer. >> reporter: bret agreed to pay $120 to the company. and thought it would get him one step closer to his dream job with the government. >> actually got a little excited because of what they promised me in the ads. >> reporter: but his excitement turned to disappointment when he learned that instead of hiring, the post office was, in fact cutting jobs. it seemed he paid money for nothing. >> oh, i was angry. i was furious. >> reporter: there are many more people out there who are susceptible to job offers that result hi only scams. allison is with the better business bureau. she says nationwide consumers
7:42 am
have complained of being ripped off by companies charging fees to find government jobs. >> you do not need to pay money to get a federal job. all of this information is available for free online through the government's website. >> reporter: that free government website is and we found plenty of jobs for free but we also found those same jobs listed on other sites for a fee. >> just watch what you do. i mean, watch who you give your information to. >> reporter: bret says after his bad experience respect he's now put his plans of finding a government job on hold. >> i definitely way one of the people that didn't think could happen toem them. i always thought people left themselves out there and that's why they got taken advantage of it. it's for the like that. one minute you want to better yourself, the next minute you're getting taken advantage of. >> reporter: and some red flapgs that you may be getting scammed, websites and ads that guarantee they will find and you job or that remember to you pay money
7:43 am
up front for things like a a database of jobs or study guide to say pass an exam. >> so what should you do if you believe you've fallen prey to one of these scams? >> first call should you a make is to the torn general's office in your state and file a complaint with their consumer affairs department. and say you paid for these materials on your credit card call your credit card companies and dispute those charges and hope friday you can get out of paying any money. >> susan, good advice as always. we'll be right back. this is the early show oig on cbs. light & fit has 80 calories
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7:47 am
well can back to "the early show." h1n1 and emergency rooms, since april, more than 9,000 people have gone to the hospital due to the h1n1 virus and that number is expected to grow. travis stork is an e.r. doctor we also host of "the doctors" on cbs an he's back with advice on just when should you go to the e.r. and when should you stay home. we know that 50% of the population is expected possibly to come down with this. is a hospital ready to handle that kind of number? >> well, 50% is pushing it. i don't suspect 50% with the vaccines coming down the pipeline, but it's important because doctors in e.r.s are already overwhelmed so the big issue here is when to go to the e.r. because if you get swine flu and you have mild symptom, fever, muscle aches, don't go to the e.r. because the e.r. can't handle it. if everyone goes to the e.r. then the e.r.s will not be able to handle it.
7:48 am
>> yesterday my daughter fell at the playground and she was all bloody on this side of the face and i thought i have to it take her to the e.r. but i opted against it because i thought if some be who there who has the swine flu, she'll make it worse and i don't want to about him barred doctors with something that isn't important. >> if in doubt, go to the e.r. so what i say is if you're worried, take your child to the e.r. but in most cases like you said if your child looks good whether it's with the flu or after a fall and they're acting appropriate and normal, then probably you you can wait call your doctor. the big thing with the swine flu is almost everyone except for pregnant women, compromised people, young children are doing great with this illness. even most kids are doing great with it. when should you go to the e.r.? well, if you're lethargic confused, not acting normally persistent vomiting or difficulty breathinging or certainly young children if they
7:49 am
become blue around the lip that can be a sign that that this is more dangerous than your typical run of the flu. >> so if you have those symptoms and you go to the e.r. should you take any precautions? >> we have the masks and you have a duty to protect others. if you have the flu, wear a mask. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs health watch oig sponsored by benadryl allergy. it works when you need it most. benadryl benadryl, use onlies as directed. (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life.
7:50 am
my name is quinn and this is my eggo. on fridays, i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way. l'eggo my eggo.
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7:55 am
hello again, it's 5 minutes before 8:00. sharon gibala has a report on the rush and marty in weather. looking at doppler, look al that low offshore getting cranked up. it's been sitting there and then it sat there long enough and that's one stunning radar picture, check it out. the forecast, we're going to say we'll have rain through the day. but tapering off through the afternoon and evening. 68 is the high overnight, we'll go to you -- cloudy. for the low, it will get out of here. tomorrow 76 did. now to sharon gibala. still busy out this, a new accident on the beltway on the
7:56 am
outer loop at 795 blocking the left lane. another on outer loop on the shoulder. a crash on 32 westbound at u.s. 1 blocking the left lane. 95 northbound at washington boulevard blocking the right lane. there's a live look outside at the west side of the beltway. typical delays of the rain. this report brought to you by department of agriculture. caught on tape, two baltimore area acorn workers seen giving advice to two people posing as sex workers live on the story. >> reporter: those two workers who worked in the office behind me here in baltimore were fire after seen giving advice to a man and a woman posing as a
7:57 am
pimp and a prostitute. an acorn employee adviced the woman to list her occupation as a performance artist. they say it was an attempt to smear the organization. they say they did nothing illegal but violated policies and that's why they were dismissed. the need for a health care system. governor o'malley praised the health care plan saying it growing costs would be unsustainable. stay with wjz, up next, the baltimore
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
rkable story of a man tied to ground zero through his dad, his wife and the brother he searched for in vein. >> i sat like right five feet away from him. i just knew it was over, i knew no one was alive. a long time daredevil vows to live life as she always had despite a life threatening disease. >> i don't think i've ever been scared of the unknown. >> we'll hear about this amazing woman's real life bucket list and the define miss m neats sin city, the legend dear bette midler takes life by storm and we talk to her about life, love and her latest adventure. >> the whole focus of the town is this. it's it dazzle. you know. >> "early" this friday morning
8:01 am
september 11th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs they're blown away by our program. i think that's what it is. quite literally here this morning. welcome back to "the early show." julie chen is on assignment this morning. this morning we'll have advice for anyone with too much stuff. do you do this? do you have too much stuff is this. >> no. >> if your makeup bag? >> oh, yeah. >> well, we have -- stay tuned and find out what the essentials are. >> what is this. >> every woman does that. i don't know of -- it's in our dna about. >> well, we'll try to help you clean up your act. >> all right, thank you much. and we have daisy martinez of the food network here today because we're marking the start of hispanic heritage month. september 15th is the official
8:02 am
start. do you know why that is? >> because -- >> come on hair rirks you know everything. >> i don't know this. >> five latin american countries mark their independence on that day. costa rica el salvador guatemala, honduras. you proceed announce the g. and honduras. anyway, so what we're doing is i gave daisy one of my favorite family recipe for black beans and she's giving it her own little spin and we'll cook it up morning. >> will there be like revolution do you think? >> in keeping with the theme, maybe. >> hrt. first, though we want to get over to russ mitchell at the news desk. good morning. this is the eighth anniversary. 9/11 attacks. thousands are gathering at ground zero here in new york to remember the nearly 3,000 who perished in the attacks. the names of victims will the
8:03 am
read and vice president biden will speak. two bright tribute heights had light up the new york skyline from dusk to dawn to honor those who tied when the twin to youers collapsed. and in afghanistan, some 1,000 american troops remember the victims and those who died fighting the war in afghanistan with a 9.11 kilometer run. tomorrow president obama heads to minnesota for another speech on health care reform. a cbs news poll taken after the president's address to congress indicates mr. obama is changing some minds. cbs news senior white house koerpt bill plante has more. >> reporter: good morning. that poll does indicate that the president made some progress in moving forward his ideas about health care reform. >> i'm not the first president to take up this cause, but i am determined to be the last. >> reporter: since the president made his prime time appeal, 52% of those polled now approve of
8:04 am
how he is handling health care reform. that's up 12 points from when the same group of people was polled at the end of last month. but 38% still disapprove. and overall, only 42% think he has dearly explained his plans for reform. and you can add many moderate did thats to that group. they're just not convinced. >> i'm not going to support anything until i've seen everything. glt problem that i had before the speech and continue to have is the concern about about how we're going it pay for the changes. >> reporter: perhaps not surprising will you, for conservative opinion makers like rush limbaugh the president's speech was unconvincing. >> it was grossly inappropriate in contents there were lies, falsehoods distortions. it was embarrassing in tone. >> reporter: even though democrats appeared to be more unified after the president's speech, many of them are still saying there are not enough specific details. the president is going to continue campaigning hard for this for the next few weeks. tomorrow he's in minneapolis.
8:05 am
>> bill plant at the white house. thank you very much. it is now coming up on 8:05 and lonnie quinn is outside with another check of the weather. lonniedhdh good morning. good morning. it certainly is not very pretty out here. lots of nice people from newland, north carolina. central college in iowa and mississippi state university represented right there. let's talk about the weather out there because really some tough weather in the midsection of the country. midwest trouble, flash flooding large hail, high winds from saunt cloud down to mason city. it's that clash of cool air and warm air and where that comes together, you have problems. the bigger picture we'll show you, well, you saw my picture standing out here it's not nice around the northeast from atlantic city to -- and here comes the rain. from new york city down to atlantic city, that will be the toughest of it and here comes the rain right now. that is a quick look at
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather allergy report sponsored by claritin allergy products. live claritin clear. not very pleasant here right now. let's talk about the pollen report because there's a large area extending from the central and southern rocky across the plains in the midwest. moderate to high levels of pollen, very high pollen levels extend from salt lake valley. the majority is from ragweed. aside from some moderate levels of pollen in parts of the east coast which is also largely from ragweed, most of the country experiencing lower pollen levels
8:07 am
at this time. and this pollen forecast is brought to you by for more just go and for my favoriteful who are out here with us, and maggie as well -- >> as long as they'll be out heerks we ought to be out here. >> i'm trying to stay dry with my friends from north carolina. >> there you go. >> all right everybody. read this with me. up next a brave woman is living out the bukcket list movie for real. we'll meet her when we return. why did i take an allergy medicine... ...that only lasts four to six hours? i discovered claritin has a new 12-hour. it works all day, so i can make it to the top. (announcer) introducing the only non-drowsy 12-hour allergy medicine. new claritin 12-hour. live claritin clear. goodwrench... we roll out the blue carpet for drivers of these great gm brands. we can do the small things
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[ announcer ] soy has been a part of healthy diets throughout history. in ancient china, soy was such an important food... that the emperor declared it sacred. in japan, buddhist monks believed eating soy... was healthier for the body and spirit. for thousands of years cultures around the world... have eaten soy for its health benefits. which is why today we take whole soybeans in their natural state and bake them with fruit into soyjoy. how 'bout we lay some new ground rules? nail down thirty-nine bucks as the price - for installing stainmaster carpet. - ( rock music playing ) - ♪ oh! ♪ - in any house in any number of rooms. and while we're
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8:11 am
death. >> reporter: susie mann fasten her harness and jumped from this 400 foot cliff over an african river. she was 76 years old. >> it's fabulous. >> reporter: you are you a daredevil? >> i guess. or maybe just a little crazy. >> reporter: whether she's swimming with sharks on or paddling through white water -- >> i don't think i've ever been scared of the unknown. i think i take it as a challenge. >> reporter: and what do you say to people who are feeling down? >> get over it. get over it. i don't have anytime for that. >> happy birthday! >> reporter: perhaps that explain's susie's response when her doctor diagnosed her with terminal cancer this past spring. she asked how long she had. >> he said six to nine months. and i said oh, good that will give us time to do things.
8:12 am
and he almost fell off the chair. >> reporter: did you ever consider having treatment for your cancer? >> no. who wants to be sick all that time? >> where there is light there, is hope right some. >> i'd like to go down the grand canyon on a donkey. >> reporter: from grand canyon it riding to dolphin swimming she wants to spend the rest of her life completing a bucket list of address ventures with her family along for the ride. first on the list -- >> i am going hang gliding. >> reporter: do you think you'll be scare sthd. >> no, i doubt it. >> reporter: susie suited up and held on tight to her instructor. >> now he's done it millions of times. he's not going risk his life you you know. so they're going out of business if anything happens to me. >> reporter: while susie sailed 2500 feet in the air, her daughter, louise watched from the ground below. >> you you look at this great big sky and you see this dot of a kite up there and it's like,
8:13 am
oh my god there she is. >> reporter: the message for cancer is really in your face. is there a small part of you that wishes she would do the chemo so could you have her for a little long sner. >> absolutely. a huge part of me. a huge part of me. there are all times that we want to sit back on the curb, lick our wounds have our own little pity party and she's up this playing the game. >> reporter: telling you get over it. >> get over it. >> reporter: do you feel like an inspiration? >> no because i'm just me. i love life. i really do. i've been very very lucky. really very lucky. >> joining me now susie mann and her daughter, louise. good morning. >> good morning. >> super susie is back.
8:14 am
how was it, how was the hang glid something. >> it was great. it really was. it was so quiet up there. you you really felt like a bird. and you had no sense of speed. very unique. very unique. i think you have to experience it to really -- >> i don't know. it take as special person to do the kind of things that you do. and that's what's interesting. when you think of a bucket list you seem it's things that people have never had the courage to do and now that they get this bad new, they're finally working up the courage. but that's not true with you. you've always lived your life just like this to the fullest. >> well, dieing is part of living. and so it doesn't have to come to an end. it can be a beginning. at least -- dying is just another page of life just a different journey in a different place. >> that with ease you were emotional watching the story. i can see you're emotional now. what are you feeling? >> again, it's so exciting to
8:15 am
see her just embrace-. today is 9/11. life hits you and it knocks you down and you have a choice at that time as to what you're going to do about it. and when my brother had his accident you saw the picture, 16 years old, high graduatery pleenlgic, and mom looked him in the face after his accident and we realized he had nothing more to regain and said john now's the time to count the muscles you have not the ones you don't. so let's get over the ones you don't and let's work on the ones you do. and let's just get on with living. and that's the message. that's who she is. that's how she raised us. that's what you you see out there. and it's not a daredevil. it's just in your face. it's life. >> that's susie. >> that it's susie. >> and so what's next on the list? >> skydiving. >> skydiving?
8:16 am
>> if bush can do it, i can do it. >> that's right. when is that happen something. >> next weekend. >> and after, you'll do the donkey? >> actually afterwards we'll do the dolphin. and then comes the grand canyon with the donkeys. >> how exciting. you didn't join for the hang gliding. are you going join in the others? >> it was such a. uhe lar event, there were 30 people that followed susie in the hang gliding, so, yeah i'm in for every single one of them as long as there's room. it's tough to coordinate it all and do it all. >> she supervised. >> what do you want your family to know susie? >> enjoy life. absolutely enjoy it. it's a gift. >> i think that's a message for all of us. we'll see you after the nest adventure. >> that's great. >> it is great. thanks. coming up next as ellen replaces paula on "american idol," will it be different? we have two former contestants
8:17 am
on this morning to talk about that. tonight go away. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle... with a quick smudge of cream cheese. at least that part's easy. there's only one way to eat an eggo... your way. l'eggo my eggo. light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand and a taste you'll find... [sluuurrrrpppp!] irresistible. light & fit. great taste, fewer calories.
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8:19 am
fans are still buzzing over the announcement that ellen degeneres will be the new judge on "american idol," with you some people are wondering if she's qualified to critique musical talent. let's ask two former contestants, taylor hicks who won season five is in houston and bucky covington who finished eighth that year is in albuquerque. good morning. >> good morning. >> taylor how are you doing and what do you think of this big move some. >> i definitely believe that ellen's jokes are funnier than simon cowell's jokeses. how about that? yeah i think it's going to be great. i think she bring as lot of entertainment value to the show. i think that she has a great -- she's a great personality and she might have a little bit of
8:20 am
more of a musical chop than we think she does. >> because that's the big rub here because some people in the blobs sfeer are saying hang on a minute had is not her power alley, we appreciate her comedic relief but where is the musical background here. >> i think the panel of judges represent the music industry very well. and i think with ellen you you get kind of an all-around entertainer. and i definitely can identify with that. >> bucky, what is your response? when you heard that ellen degeneres was going to be added as a judge, what was your first thought? >> i got to be honest with you, first of all when i heard that paula was not going to be there, that almost didn't seem like that was even going to be true. you almost just knew that the show was going to come on and paula was going to be there. but you know something, i'm probably the bad person to ask here because i am a huge he will when degeneres fan.
8:21 am
and i think it would be great to have somebody call simon out on his corny jokes. >> maybe that's the point because a lot of times paula has been kind of an advocate versus simon srt of, you know, he kind of hates everything. so as long as -- is there a sense that ellen will be sort of the people's advocate and the person suptsportive of the talent some. >> one thing about it is ellen degeneres qualified to be a musical talent judge, when you take somebody like simon cowell, for instance, of course we say simon because he is the biggest judge on the show you know simon whether very admittedly admit that he doesn't like country music at all. so when it comes to -- and dealing with me, of course, i definitely heard that loud and clear. so when it comes to how much back grupd tu need in music because technically the real judges aren't even the three judges sitting there. the real judges are everybody sitting at home calling.
8:22 am
now, if you want to ask what does your background. >> kent: of it really matters to the people that do not have it. >> we need to get simon and he will when in a sinking competition and determine which has the best musical quality. >> i'm going to say my vote would be on ellen. >> thank you for taking the time to be with us. and good wishes to you in your careers. take care. still to come it's common problem. the overstuffed makeup bag. we'll tell you what you need to know when we come back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
hello again. now a sloppy, breezy day. hope you don't have deck duty. here is traffic control. >> plenty of accidents and delays this morning. mostly delays. two accidents on 32. 32 eastbound at great star drive. and another one on 29 with a back-up to 95. ten minutes there. watch for a wreck at old battle grove. and another at route 100. delays on the harrisburg expressway, 26 minutes to the beltway. there's a look at drive final the speeds on the top and west side of the beltway. 50 on the eastbound span of the bay bridge. there's a traffic drag going on
8:26 am
right there. now is the time to buy an rv. interest rates are down and savings are great. check out 22-acres of new rvs. back over to you. >> thank you. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> we have rain in the metro. and we've had heavy pockets of rain. you can see that rotation round the low sitting offshore. i'm going to show it to you right now. it's more impressive the wider you get. the forecast today will call for rain. trying to taper off and get out of here. 68 is going to be the high. the high this evening, maybe rain early. 60 tomorrow, we clear it out. cloud and sun, a nice day with 76 high. >> thank you very much. in the news, two baltimore area acorn workers are fired after a hidden camera video makes its way onto the internet. >> acorn fired the employees
8:27 am
after they were found giving tax advice to a man and a woman posing as a pimp and prostitute. on the video, an employee in the baltimore woman living in the baltimore area to list her occupation as performance artist. and acorn says its employees did nothing illegal, but they did violate policies. >> thank you very much. has mat crews are called in after an explosion in capital heights. the explosion happened just before midnight. crews say hazard rouse materials were spilled, but no injuries were reported. the state delegate has been acquitted of dui charges. last year, a police officer found him asleep inside his running car parked outside a convenience store. he says he was simply taking
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
blustery p is the word that comes to mind this morning. we really so appreciate these folks who have come from so many different places around the country to hang with us out here. >> luckily the rain stopped for just a minute. fingers crossed, everybody. >> welcome back to "the early show." we'll take a trip to las vegas and catch up with bette midler. also ahead, do you have an overstuffed makeup bag? of course to you. we'll tell you what's really essential to have in there and what should you leave out. and an early celebration of has pan he can heritage month. we took one of maggie's family recipes and handed it to daisy
8:31 am
martinez of the food network. she has worked some magic and we will taste the results. but firsts let's check back in with lonnie. >> how could you guys miss the fact that as cold as it is and chilly and damp and rainy -- >> and and you have coat on. >> i know. >> buck up here. i will say new york sports club you're offering a class in cat walk confidence in light of fashion week. show me your stuff. as we talk about the weather, because this is what i've got for you you out there as i buck up with my overcoat organization we've got tough weather around new york city. really from atlantic city to new york city, that's going to be the heart the core of the toughest weather the midwest, you'll have a tough day, as well with the possibility of severe storms. down around texas, louisiana, i also see hit or miss showers or storms. the difference is you need that weather. again through your weekend. warm and dry, though through portions of the southeast. looks like a soggy start for the northeast, but the end of the
8:32 am
weekend should be better for places like new york city. that's a qui good morning. let's put it in motion for you. we have had soaking rains in the area during the night and overnight. these morning hours, hadn't been a day at the beach either. take a look for the day. the heavy rain should be getting out of here. rain will taper off, slowly through the day. 68 for the high. overnight, the numbers add up, we saw the models here walking. ky just quickly get a question into you? so it's a koers called cat walk confidence. are they teaching you how 20 walk the cat walk or get in you shape some. >> both. it's about posture grace, strength in your core and your legs. >> and this is all because fashion week comes to new york city next week.
8:33 am
all right. let's get inside to making gi. we're wrapping up our "early essentials" series with overloaded makeup bags. most women carry too many products and often the wrong one, so trae bodge, co-founder of three custom color specialists is here with the real essentials. good morning. >> good morning. >> we all do it right? we're all guilty. >> yes. i've been doing this for 20 year, i go into to women's makeup bags and look and see what they have and often they have too much and they have things they don't know thousand use. so what i have un did is created a really easy system based on women's lifestyles because it is about time. you may have a different amount of time than i have. so some may have five minutes, some have 15 minutes. and some women have half an hour the luxury of a half an hour. >> so let's say you have five minutes, what should you absolutely have? >> she clearly doesn't have a
8:34 am
lot of time, probably a busy mom. main thing, flawless skin. a concealer that hopefully doubles as a found tags so you can use it all over the face. set with powder and take the shine down. >> i've never thought of it that you can use it all over your face shall. >> some concealers you can. >> and it won't be too light as a foundation? >> no, so get the color that really matches. it's vital that it does. so concealer, set with powder to take the shine down. and then a combo liquid cheek product like something like this, a peach which i tone that freshens the face a little on the cheek, a little on on the lips. and then a brow gel and it also grooms the eyelashes and defines them without adding color. >> so if you're going to go out with the bare minimum, this is what you you should have. >> yes. >> if you have more time, what should you have some. >> you add these things and then branch out in color families a little bit. so you have your peaches. you want want to add another
8:35 am
color like a red or a barerry about so you have some variety based on what you're wearing. you also want to add eye shadow. it's good to have a really basic trio or quad. knew tral neutrals is the best way to go. something wet/dry is excellent because you can use the darker color as a liner. >> so multiuse. >> exactly. and finishing with mass carecara. >> if you have 30 minutes, which who does but, okay, let's say you really want to take your time what should you do? >> takes luxury. and some of my clients do have this much time but this is also a really good kit for if you're traveling. so if you're away on business and you have parties at night to go to this gives and you lot of variety. so we take these things, bring them into here and then you add
8:36 am
a great palette with lots of beautiful colors. lip color, as will. palettes are in an takes tick. something that actually allows you to alter the colors that you already have or this that has a great range of colors. and then lastly tools. this is when you have time to do your makeup and apply it professionally so great brush, eyelash curler you also have time to do maybe foundation pencil things like that. >> thank you so much. we know that this is a lot to take in, so we'll put all of it or courses on on the website, get all these awesome tips and information on these products on now over to you, harry. the las vegas casinos are gambling on big named stars these days and it seems to be paying off. the divine miss m, bette midler is playing to sell out crowds and she's not the only one. hatly kaufman reports. ♪ ♪.
8:37 am
>> reporter: it's show time some las vegas. ♪♪ >> reporter: beyonce center stage at the wynn. santana plays the hard rock. che rflt and bette midler split dates at caesars palace. ♪♪ >> it offs the opportunity for people to see something that they would never see at home. ever ever, ever. >> reporter: when the curtain rises, you'd never know that the economy has dealt this town a bad hand. but las vegas is betting on good a-list stars and mega million dollar productions. >> the whole tenor of the town and the whole focus of the town is this. it's to make -- to dazzle. you know like -- >> day after tomorrow gentlemen, we'll be in las vegas. >> reporter: it's a gamble that paid off in the past.
8:38 am
>> month no wrrks but nowhere, will one find such an array of headliners. >> reporter: sin city marquees have long promoted hollywood's biggest names. back then, $5 bought dinner and a show. >> people would have a whole dinner and they were very beautifully dressed and they were very polite. back in the day well, i opened for johnny carson one year. and that was just a little bit too late for the "rat pack." >> reporter: midler played caesars palace 30 years ago. now she draws 20,000 fans a week with the show girl must go on. ♪ from a distance we all have enough noets. >> everything changed. they started building these gigantic showrooms and theaters and they welcomed people from broadway and they welcomed pop people and, you know, it just became a different experience. instead of having a dinner and drinks, you would sit as though you were at a concert. ♪ help, i need somebody not
8:39 am
just anybody ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it's possible to see a new show every night for two months. there are six cirque du soleil spectaculars. midler says aud yenlss want an over the top escape. >> if you didn't dial it up, they would be not only upset, they would be offended insulted and outraged. because that's what they come for. ♪ and we're playing songs of hope and we're playing songs of peace ♪ ♪ >> it's a pipe dream actually, my vegas is a pipe dream being but i think it's the vegas that everybody has in their imagination, too. >> reporter: the economy may be down but there's still no businesslike sho business. hattie kauffman, cbs news. now here's maggie. hispanic heritage month kicks off next tuesday, and i thought that we would get an early start this morning by celebrating my own cuban heritage. so i gave the rodriguez family black beans recipe to to daisy martinez and i'm not a prfgs al so she spiced it up a bit and
8:40 am
did her thing with it. thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure. i'm rodriguez, too on my mom's side. maybe we're kissing cousins. >> i bet we are. i'm rodriguez on all sides. but that's another story. but this recipe is really my mom's, probably her mom's before that. whenever we get together as a family we have to have black peen beans and rice. christmas, thanks give but even just regular family get togethers. and i gave you how i make it which is i start with the sofrito. >> yours was a little more basic than mine. i like to punch up the flavors. i'm could idying for you to taste it. sofrito is the cornerstone of latin american cooking. it's a puree and there's defining points that will tell you where it is from. like you were mentioning cilantro in cuba. you probably won't find -- have you smelled this? it's amazing about.
8:41 am
this is like cilanto times ten. this we love in puerto rico. >> we use a basic, onion green peppers and garlic. >> and i have a friend in miami who adds a nice little piece of smoked ham to herself. >> sovhave onions, sweet peppers, cuban el peppers. they are sweet. beautiful long peppers. or a red bell pepper works nice too. so unwhy notgarlic sweet peppers. >> this is the base to all our
8:42 am
dishes. >> everything. bean stews, chicken, pork, fish, it doesn't matter. and i love that you said you start your beans out like 45 minutes ahead. and when that's happening, you you want to skim all this muddy stuff that comes to the top. and when i do my beans i never pre-soak my beans. >> oh, i do. well, when i have the time. >> when you have the time. one one day to another, things change. but i put in a couple of bay leaf and throw in a little smoked ham hock. it gives it a nice just full mouth feel. i love it. we're not salting those beans because if you salt raw beans, they'll never -- they don't get -- >> so you leave them an hour and a half in. >> i leave them an hour and a half and then i'll do my sofrito about. i have some olive oil. >> so you brown the sofrito.
8:43 am
>> you want to cook the water out. >> and then add it to the beans afterwards. >> we have these beans we've smarted. >>. >> smells like home. >> i'll add some olives. >> beautiful. and serve it over rice. and this is shredded beef and it is the perfect accompaniment to this meal. >> with white rice and we're in cuba. does harry approve some. >> si. >> to get my original recipe and the new and improved, go to we'll be right back.
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o+o++o=o=??'55'>d>÷zw>w> as people remember that day
8:46 am
in 2001 when the terrorist attack on american soil. >> we mark the moment the first plane hit the first tower with a moment of silence. these ceremonies are l. continue today in new york shanksville, pennsylvania and also at the pentagon. and on this eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attack chris wragge joins us once again from ground zero.
8:47 am
>> reporter: his entire life is connected to this sacred site. his father helped build the original twin to youerses. he proposed to his wife on the 107th floor at windows on the world. now for the very first time here's brian lyons' story. >> i could walk this whole site and show you many places where lots of souls were found, people were found and fire engines were found. >> i'm sorry to hear about your father. >> reporter: eight years ago, brian was one of the first rescuers at ground zero. his skills as a construction worker were vital in the recovery effort. >> a day doesn't go by that i don't think of a spot that i could tell a story. >> reporter: one of those stories is about his kid brother named michael. a firefighter with squad 41. >> here's a picture of me and my michael, my best friend. >> reporter: in five years, brian will remember forever. >> she said squad 41 report to
8:48 am
tower two. >> reporter: brian's brother, michael, rushed to tower two to save lives. not long after, brian made it here to ground zero, as well, holding out hope that some how michael had managed to survive. day and night brian helped move crane, he did the things that he knew how to do best. his search lasted 16 days. >> i sat like right five feet away from him. i just nuf it was over. i knew that no one was alive. >> reporter: brian found michael's pick ax. the discovery gave him peace of mind knowing where his brother had lived his last moments. >> where people were pouring concrete and blasting foundation holes, someone's loved one was sitting on top of that and it took them out of here and gave them the dignity that they deserved on their way out. >> reporter: brian was there when the last shovel full of dirt was taken out of the pit. he's now a construction field supervisor at tower four who's found a way to work at ground
8:49 am
zero every day since 9/11. >> this particular building, tower four, has been flying out of ground about. >> reporter: he helped get the commuter trains gg again and work order the found indication for the freedom tower's very first beam. the memory of his brother never far away. do you think he'd be proud in. >> i think he would be really proud, actually. my hope is to be here to the last bolt bring my girls, michael's girls here, and just reflect on everything. >> what a story. >> that place really is still so much the heart of this city. and people who come from around the world and come from around the country, when we meet them out on the plaza, we say what are you going to do in the city and almost envariably every single person says we're going to ground zero. >> you have to go. at least take some time today to think about those families to think about those victim and as the president said not only
8:50 am
that take every anniversary as a new commitment to fight terrorism. >> as the president said in the daily news this morning, which i thought was such a remarkable and smart thing to say, on 9/11 everyone is a new yorker. and as people who live here all the time, i don't think there's a day that goes by that i look inside a firehouse and i think about the folks who aren't there who were there before and the fire truck goes by and you read the names that are on the back of the fire trucks and you look at those first responders and know what they had on do on that day. and especially today. today is also an important day to remember those folks, the many many troops in afghanistan in harm's way around the world as a result of those attacks in 2001. >> we honor them today and we also honor people who have every day he has gone back to ground
8:51 am
zero since his brother died there. people who are making it their life's mission that this country degrees s grows and moves from this. >> we want it show you pictures of the sights and sounds of the memorial services as they continue here this morning on this september 11th. do take a moment to remember and in the mean time we hope you have a good day. >> it is the sacred duty of the living to carry within us the memories of those we lost. and while there is pain in remembering the loss, there is sweetness in remembering their lives. today once again names of those who died will be read by their families, and this year they will be --
8:52 am
8:53 am
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8:55 am
hello again. a real rainy, breezy day start. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> we have been promising one all week, but we haven't. look at this rain, rotating into the area behind that low. it's been sitting offshore for the past few days. forecast calls for steady rain. however though, through the afternoon and evening, starting to taper off with a 68-degree high. by overnight, cloudy and 60. by tomorrow, sunny, temperatures in the mid-70s. >> thank you. in the news, two baltimore area acorn workers are seen giving advice to two people posing as sex workers and now the acorn workers are looking for a new job. >> don, acorn fired those two
8:56 am
employees after they were found on the hidden camera giving tax advice to a man and woman posing as a pimp and a prostitute. on the video, an acorn employee in the baltimore office advised the woman to list her occupation as a performance artist on tax returns. acorn says the video was an attempt to smear the organization and they say their employee did say nothing illegal, but they did violate policies and that's why they were dismissed. scientists are gaining ground again the hi virus. american researchers testing new swine flu vaccine say they're working better than expected. adults are showing immunity after just one shot, not two or three. they expect the first vaccines to be ready sometime next movement. a thief breaks into an apartment in an unusual way. police say he broke into a vacant apartment first and then
8:57 am
punched a two-foot wall to the next apartment. the person who lived there came home and caught the thief in the act and he ran away. and good news for people trying to sale homes in this area. home sales have gone up for the third month in a row. but there is a down side, analysts say the average home price is dropping 7% from this time a year ago. and ravens fans have a new way to show purple pride. a rally tow well is being printed this week. it's part of one of pizza hut's new promotions. as if you could forget, the ravens return to wjz this year. live coverage begins at 1:00 exclusionively right here on wjz 13. and stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. and take another long look
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outside at this day start. complete news at
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